AFRA is proud to be a founding supporter of the Zero Food Waste Challenge.


In September 2022 the Challenge will bring food rescues, food donors, schools and businesses together to raise awareness of reducing food waste, and promoting community resilience.

The Challenge

Participants can be sponsored to support an awesome local food rescue charity and over a week or so will consider and complete some simple impactful tasks to help stop good food being wasted and learn to make the most of every meal. All resources for schools and stakeholders will be provided making it easy to join in. 

The Impact

We believe this initiative will bring many benefits to our members, the food rescue mission, and helping to bring communities together to take meaningful action on a huge environmental issue.

We are proud of our members joining in the Challenge and connecting to their communities.

Learn more about the Zero Food Waste Challenge

The Zero Food Waste challenge is gearing up for the first ever event in Aotearoa New Zealand in time for The International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste in September 2022.

If you are interested in taking part – get in touch!